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20 Year Experience For Only Semi Truck and Trailer Part and Services

Roadside service for Sacramento Area and HWY I-5, I-99, I-80, and I-50. we are open 24 hrs 7 days, save your time and money with ATI.

We replace semi truck tire & trailer (used & new), new & used rim available, battery jump service (new & used battery available), diesel repair, brake Service, computer & diagnostic, AC service, and mechanical service.

Full Service Shop Only For Semi Truck & Trailer in Sacramento

tire change sacramento

Tire & Rim

battery jump service

Battery Shop

ATI truck road service

Diesel Repair

brake shoe

Air and brake system

Semi Truck Mechanical Service

Semi Truck Mechanical Service

brake shoe

Truck & trailer part

brake shoe

Truck & trailer repair

brake shoe

Truck & trailer Tire’s
Oil change

Truck starter

Welding service

Truck & trailer Tire’s
Oil change

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  • (916) 886-6597
Tire 295/75/22.5

Steer  295-75-22.5

Tire Drive 11R22.5

Trailer Tire 11R22.5

Tire Drive 11r-22.5

Drive Tire 11r-22.5

Tire 295-75-22.5

Steer Tire 295-75-22.5

Tire 255/70/22.5

Tire 255/70/22.5

Trailer 285/75/24.5

Drive Tire 295-75-22.5




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  • (916) 886-6597


Here’s what our customers say about our services:

Called ATI Truck Road Service, they showed up on time with professional guys, replaced my flat tire. It was a great service.

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