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Roadside service for Ontario Area. we are open 24 hrs 7 days, save your time and money with ATI.

We replace semi truck tire & trailer (used & new), new & used rim available, battery jump service (new & used battery available), diesel repair, brake Service, computer & diagnostic, AC service, and mechanical service.

The importance of truck repairing is irrefutable. The effect of exhaustive truck or semi-truck repairing on traffic, air pollution, and trading is unassailable. Unexpected breakdowns are just the trucking business’ nature, so drivers should have a reliable repair shop to get the best services. Experts, experience, and easy access should be all in one. Reachable location is another crucial point. You should find it easily. If you can easily find a semi-truck repair around my shop, investigate what it offers, working hours, experience in the field, and reviews from other clients and such. If you do your research, you have less to worry about because you know from the start that they are worth the trouble and time. With Semi-truck repair shop Ontario CA, the best quality of services is any truck driver’s prior needs.

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Tire & Rim

battery jump service

Battery Shop

ATI truck road service

Diesel Repair

brake shoe

Air and brake system

Semi Truck Mechanical Service

Semi Truck Mechanical Service

brake shoe

Truck & trailer part

brake shoe

Truck & trailer repair

brake shoe

Truck & Trailer Tire’s
Oil change

Truck starter

Welding service

Truck & trailer Tire’s
Oil change


The responsibility of a semi-truck repair shop is crucial. The semi-truck drivers seriously need a responsive semi-truck repair shop, and how you can find it is so important. Most of the time, you cannot wait for days for a response, and they need one as soon as possible. How and where the truck drivers face a problem is also equivocal, and they have to choose a reliable repair shop to take care of. The semi-truck roadside assist and Ontario California submit fast and reliable services.

General information you need to know

Business around bulky repair service is less than the other vehicle because it required particular experts with experience. If a truck driver face trouble with transport, it is more challenging to repair such a massive car, and not every repair shop is up for the job. It is better to find the complete data for all types in one place, to help you speed up repairs and keep trucks rolling through your bays. It would help if you were sure about the shop’s experience in the field and how many years they have. It is so important to know what model and types of trucks they repair. Fast response all the time in day and night is so important. Reachable location is another crucial point, and you should find it easily, especially when you have in problem The repair industry’s experience is essentially one of the parameters in choosing a semi-truck repair shop

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All size tires 90 days financing

Tire 295/75/22.5

Steer  295-75-22.5

Tire Drive 11R22.5

Trailer Tire 11R22.5

Tire Drive 11r-22.5

Drive Tire 11r-22.5

Tire 295-75-22.5

Steer Tire 295-75-22.5

Tire 255/70/22.5

Tire 255/70/22.5

Trailer 285/75/24.5

Drive Tire 295-75-22.5




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Also, useful parameters for looking for a semi-truck repair around are reasonable, but it should not be the decisive factor. There are more crucial factors aspects that matter, such as work quality, reliability, responsiveness. You don’t want to experience the wrong services, and this is why it is so essential to make the right choice and get to know the business before you take your truck there. On the other hand, prices for commercial roadside assistance in Ontario California are comparable according to their service benefits.


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Called ATI Truck Road Service, they showed up on time with professional guys, replaced my flat tire. It was a great service.

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